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Lighting Electrician Brisbane

Lighting is one of the most underrated elements of the home. Not only allowing us to see clearly at night, well-designed lighting contributes to creating a comfortable, warm and secure atmosphere in and out of the home. Good quality lighting goes unnoticed, blending in perfectly and performing at full function. From kitchen downlights that make cooking easy to motion-activated lights that keep our homes safe and secure, lighting provides an extensive range of benefits to properties of all sizes.

At Dan Stitz Electrical, we specialise in installing and maintaining premium interior and exterior lighting. Find out more about what we do.

Quality Electrical Services

Providing quality electrical services in Brisbane, our skilled electricians offer tailored lighting solutions for your home. Working on properties of all sizes, we’re able to execute quality lighting designs with efficiency and expertise. Our skilled, qualified and fully licensed electricians provide a full range of lighting solutions and services to repair, maintain, replace and simplify residential and commercial lighting.

LED Downlights

Contemporary, sleek and functional, LED downlights have become a must-have in modern homes. Sitting seamlessly on ceilings, they provide a practical and minimally-invasive lighting solution ideal for homes of all styles. Offering superior lighting of spaces of any size, you’ll spot LED downlights scattered across every room.

The Power Play Solutions team specialises in the design, installation and repair of LED lighting systems. With extensive experience and expertise, we ensure that the ideal fixtures are installed to maximise illumination while minimising on energy costs. Designed and placed strategically, our electricians help you achieve a comfortable and balanced level of lighting to make living easy.

Outdoor Lighting

Add function and appeal to your outdoor living space or entryway with outdoor lighting solutions. With a wide range of modern and versatile LED lighting systems available, our professionals specialise in the design, installation and repair of outdoor lighting. From ambient lighting to accompany an evening dinner to bright lights that illuminate intercoms, entryways and mailboxes, our electricians provide refreshing solutions that strike the perfect balance between function and style.

Sensor and Security Lights

Ideal for increasing the security and safety of your property, sensor and security lights help you feel safer and more comfortable at home. Triggered by motion in a predetermined radius, our high quality sensor and security light systems instantly illuminate areas of your property. Not just for deterring threats, sensor and security lights are ideal for returning home and moving around your property late at night. Strategically placing lights throughout your desired area, you’ll feel safer seeing everything in your path before you get there.

Contact the Experienced Brisbane Electricians

From adding appeal and style to your home to increasing safety and security, lighting plays a key role in enhancing comfort and function.

As experienced electricians based in Fremantle, Dan Stitz Electrical specialises in designing, installing, repairing and replacing an extensive range of lighting systems. From just a few outdoor lights to your home’s entire LED lighting system, we provide affordable and effective solutions to keep your home illuminated.