Exhaust Fans

Have you ever entered a bathroom that feels humid, damp and uncomfortable? When moisture lingers after a shower or bath, it creates a sticky feeling in the air and clings to surfaces. If not regularly removed, moisture can actually begin to damage fixtures, impact cosmetics and bathroom products, trap dirt and dust and even lead to the dreaded growth of mould.

In any bathroom, laundry or wet area, ventilation is essential to prevent excessive steam and dampness. While opening a window does help, an exhaust fan is one of the quickest and most reliable ways to get rid of excessive moisture. At Power Play Solutions, our Perth electricians specialise in installing high quality exhaust fans, bathroom heat lights and solutions that add ventilation and comfort to your space.

Bathroom Heat Light (IXLS)

Looking to prolong the toasty warm feeling of showering even after you’ve hopped out? Don’t cave to cold winter temperatures and cool breezes; with bathroom heat lights (IXLS) from Power Play Solutions, you can keep your bathroom warm and cosy even after your shower. Instead of shivering for your towel, feel comfortable drying and dressing in warmth as your lights radiate heat.

Utilising high quality IXLS lighting, we design and install innovative bathroom heat lights to make the showering experience more comfortable and warmer even in the harsh cold of winter.

Exhaust Fans

Essential in every bathroom, exhaust fans are responsible for eliminating moisture and steam as it radiates upwards. Avoid excessive steam and minimise the build up of mould and dirt with a high quality exhaust fan. Ranging in size and power, our electricians in Perth supply and install a variety of effective exhaust fans to keep your bathroom looking and feeling fresh and comfortable. We’re able to install exhaust fans as independent systems or link them up with lighting solutions depending on your preferences.

Avoid the dreaded mirror steam and minimise dampness of surfaces, walls and floors with a quality exhaust fan installation.

Why Hire a Professional Electrician?

Minimise Hazards

When it comes to installing lighting and exhaust fans in your bathroom, choosing a professional, licensed and experienced electrician is important. A poor installation can result in an electrical hazard, low quality moisture absorption and damage to walls and ceilings.

Save Time and Money

By choosing a professional electrician for your exhaust fan installation, you can save significant time and money in the long run. Instead of having to replace low quality systems soon after installation, a good electrician will ensure that your exhaust fan meets high standards of performance, reliability and function.

Exhaust Fan and Domestic Electrician in Perth

Minimise excessive moisture in your bathrooms, limit the growth of mould and make showers a more pleasant experience in cold winters. As domestic electricians in Perth specialising in the installation of high quality exhaust fans and premium bathroom heat lights, Power Play Solutions makes bathrooms more comfortable, functional and convenient.

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